Congrats to TPG Payroll

A wondrously huge shout out to TPG payroll! How awesome to hear about the entire team coming together to help another professional and make sure they get paid! That is not letting another professional fail! And that’s what having each other’s backs is all about! Fantastic job team! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 13: My co-workers are my family and we have each other’s backs. 

I received a email this morning from Deanna on one of my professionals at Star Theatre that his time was not approved for the second pay period in a row. She told me what my options were and April was involved also. Then Adam got involved and it turned out that the professional was missing some thing in Nova Time which he corrected and when I did as instructed Brenda had a check for that Professional today. My point is that the whole team got involved and made it happen. Kudos to Pay Roll and love that dept.

Sheldon West, District Operations Manager