Congrats to Terry and the Team at Franklin Park Mall, Orlando Ross, Tyler Salazar and the Ancillary Team

A ginormously huge shout out to Orlando Ross, Tyler Salazar, the Ancillary team, Terry and the team at Franklin Park Mall! Your attention to detail and exacting standards makes us the best in the business – awesome job Terry, Orlando, Tyler and team! Pro-Am 14: I am aware of things around me that others may not notice. 

Just wanted to thank you all for your assistance on delivering a great product for our Corporate Visit.  Deb was impressed at the lack of vacancies or plan for them and the cleanliness of the mall.  She was very complimentary on our team and the cohesiveness.  I appreciate everyone’s support and thank you for a job well done!

Please also pass my/our thanks onto our contractors who assisted in this visit.                                 –Mike Walsh, General Manager