Congrats to Teresa Luckey

A Marvelous Shout Out to Teresa Luckey! Great job on the attention to detail and making sure the client is always so well taken care of. Keep up the outstanding work! Way to go PRO!


Hi Jack and Khalfani,
I wanted to send a note to you in recognition of the great work we’ve seen from Teresa on our evening cleaning crew over the past year. We can always count on her to do an excellent job, and she never misses any details. Compared to other cleaning staff in the past, we see a dramatic improvement when Teresa is working our floor. I especially appreciate how Teresa is always proactively looking out for us and customizing her work routine to best suit our unique needs.
Since Autonomic first moved in on the 6th floor, our staff has grown significantly (about double, from 24 to 45) , we host a lot more visitors, and have more special events for our team and external community. As you may know, we provide lunch for our employees daily, and our entire floor gets active use each business day. All of this has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of work required to keep the floor clean day-to-day, as our trash fills up, our floors get tracked with more mud & dirt, and restrooms are more heavily used.
I know you always have to balance the needs of other tenants, but I wanted to make sure you know about the increased effort required for Teresa as she continues doing an excellent job for us. I want to make sure we are able to get enough time from her as we continue to grow.
Thank you,
Greg Haskins
Director of Engineering
Detroit, MI