Congrats to Sonia Cochran and Shykesha Goines

An awesomely huge shout out to Sonia Cochran and Shykesha Goines for going above and beyond to help out at the Buhl building! This is exactly WHY we do what we do – we are helping others be more successful at what they do! Fantastic job Sonia and Shykesha! Thank you for being a brilliant example of what it means to be a TPG Professional! Pro-Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. 

Please give a big shout out to both Sonia and Shykesha at Buhl. We had a big leak Wednesday and they both went over and above covering my reception desk, cleaning up water and doing whatever was necessary to help fill in for my Buhl team while we worked with a skeleton crew! I had my Chief Engineer on vacation, and my receptionist out sick with the flu.  Those gals were ALL OVER IT for me.  They represent real team spirit and a ‘can do’ attitude.  They saved us! Kudos to them and TPG!

Lynnette Boyle, Property Manager