Congrats to Sedric McDonald & Karam Youssef

A Phenomenal Shout Out to Sedric McDonald & Karam Youssef! “Stuff” happens. It just does. We all know that. What defines a TPG Professional is what happens next. Sedric & Karam, a PRO does exactly what the two of you did, step up to the situation and immediately work on a solution. You guys did an outstanding job and we appreciate that! Way to go PRO!


I’m at Whitman checking the school to make sure everything is good because we lost power last night. I truly want to not only thank the night custodial staff but commend them for being an example of what dedication and hard work means. I walked Whitman last night with the custodians and the building had half the power out. These custodians not only cleaned and finished their entire schedules they cleaned them like nothing ever happened here last night. These two gentlemen is what the word team work means they had every reason to make an excuse to not clean this school last night but they didn’t, they made sure the job was done. Please tell these two gentlemen thank you. 

Marvin B., Facility Manager – Pontiac School District