Congrats to Mia Parks, Pedro Arroyo and Crew

Wow! Huge shout out to Mia Parks, Pedro Arroyo and their crew(s)! What a fantastic compliment to get from a client! This letter hits so many of our pro-am’s: notice things others around me do not, do whatever it takes, obsessive about communication, never satisfied with status quo, bring solutions, not excuses, follow up, follow through, do the right thing – you are living our culture and clients see it! There is something different about the Professional Group and the professionals who work for us, clients see it and they love it! Fantastic job!

I am a pro. I help others be more successful at what they do. 

Good afternoon Chin,

I know you get emails from your accounts with things they are not satisfied with but I wanted to send you an email letting you know some things I have observed. 

I’ve noticed and other people have brought it to my attention how much cleaner The Avenue has been since Mia took over.  I noticed her outside this afternoon with members of her staff removing spider webs and cleaning windows.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that before.  Also, the glass revolving doors in the Avenue leading out to Prospect are very clean.  Again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them without a million finger prints until recently.  Now I see someone cleaning those glass doors several times a day.   I’ve also noticed PBS team members wiping down the railings and all the intricate detail work in The Avenue which I like to see.

Also, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the change in the night cleaning as well.  I have noticed how hard Pedro Arroyo and his crew have worked to make Key Bank and Quicken Loans happy which isn’t an easy assignment.  They are both very demanding tenants and the night crew has met the challenge and gone above and beyond to make sure everything is done to their and my satisfaction.  I’ve walked through both spaces first thing in the morning and I’m pleased with what I see.  If I do have a request for Pedro, he gets it done that same night which means a lot to me as a property manager.

Thank you for your time and assembling such a great group of leaders and an awesome team.  I look forward to working with both of them for a very long time.  Please make sure they are acknowledged for their dedication to our buildings and their hard work. 

Thanks again,

Loretta Derrick, Assistant Property Manager