Congrats to Mia Parks And Crew At Southern Park Mall

Mia Parks and her crew received a great letter from the mall manager at Southern Park Mall!!!

Hi Chin,

I just want you to know how happy I have been with your staff here at Southern Park Mall in the past two months. The mall has looked exceptional! Traffic has been picking up and so has the staff. The switches to staff areas as well as the better equipment has made a very positive impact on the mall and the existing staff. I also want to note that Mia has been bending over backwards to stay on top of both cleaning and staffing with the upcoming holiday season. Mia’s positive attitude with her staff has been infectious to our mall team and the results are outstanding!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon so we can all work together for the best holiday season to date at Southern Park Mall.


Mall Manager
Southern Park Mall

GREAT JOB! Way to be a Pro!!!