Congrats to Lynda and Don Brehmer

A spectacularly huge shout out to Lynda and Don Brehmer! The difference is in the details – and Don and Lynda have got the details covered! Great job guys! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 14: I am aware of things around me that others may not notice.

Good Morning Sheldon,

I just wanted to send a quick note to you just to let you know that since Linda and Dan took over cleaning services at this location, we have had no complaints from us, or from any other areas in the building as well. That’s really what made me think of sending this note to you.  Last week, I did have to touch base with Linda about something and while on the phone with her I realized that things have really been great around here so I thought I’d let you know. A month or so ago JCAHO was at the hospital with the possibility of making a surprise appearance here (they never came) but I had spoken with Linda during that time to ask her if they could do extra detailing just in case they came and I feel they went above and beyond to make sure the building was looking great. We come in every morning and all our sinks are just sparkling. So to close this, again, Great Service from Linda and Dan and I hope you get a chance to mention to them that I did send this compliment your way. Thanks for bringing them to our building.

Have a great day,

J. Kapera, Office Coordinator at SJP Grosse Pte.