Congrats to Latasha and Max and the entire team at 7 Mile Crossing

Awesome! Super duper very excited to send a terrifically huge shout out to Latasha, Max, and the entire team at 7 Mile Crossing!! I know you guys have been working hard over there and we want you to know that it’s not going unnoticed! Chelsea sent us this email today to let us know how much they appreciate your follow through! When our customers can trust that we will do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it, it frees them up to be more successful at what they do! And that’s why we do what we do asĀ TPG Professionals! So great job 7 Mile Crossing team! We are loving your commitment to follow up and follow through!

Pro-Am 6: I follow up. I follow through. Every time.

Good morning!

I just wanted to say thank you for being on top of the request that we have put in. It was a nice change to come in today and see things are back to, and have exceeded, our expectations!

I want to also thank you, or the cleaning crew for emptying the recycling every night. It is a nice, big help to me, to come in and not have to get to them and get them replaced for the day.

Thank you in advance, and for keeping up on this! The place looks great! 3rd and 2nd floor areas look great, and have had no complaints about offices being open and/or uncleaned. Nice change of pace!!

Chelsea Oestreich, Receptionist for Workforce