Congrats to Kevin Carter, Bob Knight, Greg Konkle, and Jay Grimes

A BIG shout out to Kevin Carter, Bob Knight, Greg Konkle, and Jay Grimes for their victorious battle against the evil snow storm that tried to destroy GM Powertrain’s dock operations! Awesome job team! Your commitment to do whatever it takes to get the job done right and your obsessive need to communicate effectively with clients and fellow professionals is fan-freakin-tastic!

Kevin, Bob, Greg, Jay,

Bob, I want to take a minute to thank your entire team for their hard work and dedication to provide best possible site conditions for GM Powertrain. The nature and duration of this weather event made their job even more difficult, but none the less, there has been a quick recovery. A special thanks to your leaders for fielding my calls and providing rapid response. GM was able to remain on task with moving heavy equipment up the ramp, dock operations were not delayed, and more importantly, no safety incidents to report.

Thank you for keeping our leadership well informed of progress and conditions.

Lastly, it has been refreshing that your company maintains a reliable fleet of snow equipment, and are onsite when conditions demand your attention. Thanks again for your hard work.


Alan Thompson