Congrats to Kamilah Cook and James Moner

An enormously gigantic shout out to Kamilah Cook and James Moner for being proactive and adverting a potentially huge (and disgusting) problem! Pro Am 7: I am obsessive about communicating effectively with my clients and with my fellow professionals. Awesome job Kamilah and James! So cool that you are aware of things around you that others may not notice and communicate with our clients to avoid problems! FANTASTIC!!!

Hi TPG – the plumber was able to investigate / repair the toilets we had issues with at CSB.  See the notes below and thank you and your team members (James and Kamilah) again for their efforts and letting me know about the toilets needing inspecting.  Please let them know that I greatly appreciate the open lines of communication for the building. Thanks again!

Karen Shelton

Portfolio Manager, East Region

Corporate Real Estate – Facilities Resource Group