Congrats to Jacola Caston

Hi Dan,

I would like to once again mention employee Jacola Caston’s fine attention to detail while performing her job in suite 758.

Yesterday on her second round through, she stopped in the kitchen connecting our suite with Chief Craig’s suite. There were several plates of desserts on one of the kitchen tables, and each of them were thoroughly picked over throughout the entire work day. Jacola took it upon herself to clean up the table of desserts and tidy up the entire kitchen. She clearly extended herself late in the work day, and way above our expectations. Normally one of the staff members in either office would have tended to what was left on the table.

While I extended my appreciation to her earlier today, please let her know how much we value her work ethic, as well as her friendly greeting and pleasant attitude every day. She is really appreciated by everyone in our suite, and we genuinely look forward to seeing her.

Thank you,

Kathryn, Police Officer         

Detroit Police Departmen