Congrats to Everyone who helped with the new accounts in Cleveland

This is a long one but these professionals definitely need to be acknowledged!!

Huge shout out to the following professionals for their help with the new accounts in Cleveland:

Ancillary crew for driving to Cleveland from Detroit to spend their weekend working overnight to help us make a huge first impression on our new Bedrock customer at Tower City Mall. Tyler, Orlando, Bert, Darrian, Demarco, and James.  Couldn’t have asked for a better group of hard working professionals.  Special thanks to James for making multiple trips to the mall to make supply deliveries.

Jerry and Greg from the night crew for spending their Friday night driving equipment to Cleveland from Detroit on short notice.

Rafael and Tim for working basically 16-18 hour days for 5 days straight to work through the transition.

Dorian and Andrew for help with paperwork and starting up Quicken Loans offices.

Ken for his support and fast actions to get us equipment and supplies.

HR team for working with us on a mess of paperwork and on-boarding professionals.

Amazing team of professionals we have and I’m honored to work with them all!!
Bryan Hatlan, Director of Operations