Congrats to Demetric Dobbins

A ginormously huge shout out to Demetric Dobbins! Jason from Bedrock reached out to Doug H. to make sure we knew what a great job you’ve been doing Demetric, and how instrumental you have been throughout the recent changes at FNB! It’s no surprise to me to hear what a fantastic job you’re doing. You are a pro after all, Pro-Am 13: My co-workers are my family, and we have each other’s backs. Awesome job Demetric!


I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a great guy that has really stepped up and is a major reason FNB and PBS have a good partnership at FNB. 

As you know with the recent retirement of Iris and Westina (which is also doing a great job)…transitioning to FNB…I know Demetric being here made it that much easier for all of us. 

Thanks for all you and your team do!!

Jason Clay, Property Manager