Congrats to Ashley Sellers

Let’s give a BIG, giant shout out to Ashley Sellers for being amazing! A shout out within a shout out  – that’s pretty great! Awesome job Ashley!!!

Below is an email I got from one of our fine service professionals (sub-contractor) about Ashley Sellers.  This isn’t the first one I have gotten like this and I am sure it won’t be the last.

PRO AM #13 My co-workers are my family and we have each other’s back.

We need to remember that the many service professionals that we contract with are a big part of our extended family, and Ashley exemplifies that.


Jeff Stickney

Account Manager – PGS

Ashley is a gem; you are lucky to have her on your team! We got the billing sorted out quite nicely.

Thank you!

Kathleen K. Marvin

Earth Works Lawn & Landscape