Janitorial Supply

Service is the foundation of Colman-Wolf’s success. Our 100,000 square foot facility and over 2,000,000+ inventory ensures we deliver your items when you want them – not simply when they are available in your area. Our just-in-time service model minimizes your on-site inventory costs while maximizing your storage space. Colman-Wolf prides itself in the ability to customize delivery programs based on the client.

A Dependable & Flexible Supplier

We are extremely flexible with how you want to receive your product. If you require a dock delivery, inside closet, or other form of customized delivery, “We do whatever it takes” to get the job done right.¬†Janitorial supplies are essential to running¬†a successful business and well kept property, which is why we supply what you need, when you need it.

Local and National Delivery

Whether the needs of your business are local, regional or national, we are prepared to work for you and service your needs. If you need to simplify processes, standardize products or reduce your vendor base – we are your partner. We currently service customers in 29 states and this number only continues to grow. Our affiliation with Afflink allows us to service the entire United States, Canada and Mexico. Afflink has been a global leader in supply chain optimization for more than 35 years, and when you boil it down, Colman-Wolf and Afflink do one thing better than anyone else: provide innovative process and procurement solutions to help drive efficiency in your business.