Interior Plant Care

Professional Plantscaping Services is a division of Professional Grounds Services that was founded in 2002 to address the growing requests from our clients to provide interior landscape design, maintenance and holiday decorating services at commercial properties.  We service the indoor design, plant installation and maintenance needs of large office building atriums and common areas, major shopping malls, private offices, restaurant chains, and any other commercial property with an investment in interior plants that need regular care and maintenance.

For our design clients, we will work with your team to provide visually pleasing pottery and planters that will blend with and enhance your existing office décor, and install all new plants or provide maintenance services to existing plants on a lease program, outright purchase, or straight service contract.

In addition, our flowering plant program allows for your property to have regularly changing bloom displays on a rotating basis to ensure that the views inside your environment are constantly changing, not stale.

To service this investment, our friendly, experienced horticultural technicians will be scheduled to arrive on a regular basis to water, prune, rotate, dust, polish, answer questions, and maintain your plant investment. Any plants showing weakness or difficulty in the environment are changed out automatically for those clients under contract.