Commercial Holiday Decorating

During Christmas and other holiday seasons, including (but not limited to): Spring / Easter, Summer / 4th of July, Fall / Harvest and Winter / Christmas, we provide services to design, fabricate, install, remove and store a wide range of holiday decorations. These include Commercial Christmas Decorations such as wreaths, Poinsettias and other holiday decorations. Whatever the season, PPS can design and install a display that will be attention-getting, and will keep your employees, tenants, and guests talking.

On the outside of the property, we install holiday lights and other decorations, including light pole banners, to brighten up your property and make it more appealing to the general public, visitors, and tenants. We are an environmentally conscious company, so we encourage the use of LED lights as much as possible due to their longer life, but if we need to use incandescent lights for your property, rest assured that all lights are recycled when removed instead of simply disposed of.