As a company that serves other businesses, we always align our priorities with our clients. You want to protect property function and value. Beyond that, you want to protect the health, safety and well-being of your employees, tenants, clients and visitors. Our mission and passion is to partner with companies to cut through the red tape and obstacles to make that happen while allowing you to do what you do best.

What Makes Our Janitorial Services Different

Clients quickly discover that the latest in technology and our proactive approach give us the edge to respond and not simply react. Instead of cumbersome and outdated multiple entry spreadsheets, our Internet based dashboard allows each client, in each division to instantaneously know problems in real time, trends and remedies taking place to improve the property’s condition even across multiple divisions. The technology we utilize and approach we take allows us to optimize efficiency. This means exceeding expectations by getting the job done quickly and thoroughly. This is what we do- day in, day out.

Our Professionals: The Right Team for the Job

We couldn’t run our business without our Professionals. We hand pick each and every Professional, looking for individuals who display integrity of character, determination, and a sense of pride in what they do. After that, we train these individuals extensively to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to respond to any and all janitorial needs that may arise. One of our sayings is “Do whatever it takes.” Our Professionals stand by this, doing whatever is necessary to guarantee that no job is unfinished. We set especially high standards for our work, and this is how we achieve them. It’s part of why we have a great sense of pride in our work.

The Professional Group: Janitorial Services to Suit Your Needs

From office buildings to healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants to stadiums, our team is qualified to handle any and all janitorial services you may require. We recognize that each location varies greatly, so we tailor our services and team as circumstances require. No matter the case, we come prepared and can ensure that above average standards of cleanliness are upheld. We know that cleanliness instills confidence, so we work tirelessly for that ideal.

If you’re ready for a change, then contact The Professional Group. Guaranteeing that your locations are pristine and immaculate is what we do. We take pride in that. Call us today to see what our janitorial services can do for you.