Do Cities Hire Companies for Snow Removal In the Winter?

It’s beginning to be that time of year again. Hate it or love it, winter is right around the corner, and in Michigan that means snow. Lot’s of snow. For our local governments, this means it is crucial to have a fleet of snow removal trucks standing by to clear the roads for its citizens.

One of the challenges every local government struggles with is to ensure clear safe roads throughout winter, while keeping the public service department in budget. This is not an easy task, especially with the unpredictability that a winter snowfall can bring.


Often times a city’s public services will receive help from outside companies. Housing and maintaining snow removal trucks can be overly expensive, especially for smaller cities that may not have the budget to cover these costs. On top of that, keeping employees on standby that are dependable can be an issue. An outside snow removal company, already has all the pieces of the puzzle that fit. If a city doesn’t have manage the process of hiring, training, and of course paying in house employees, they can actually save money by hiring a professional company.

An outside company will already have the people in place, along with the experience necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. For smaller cities and counties it may be a better investment to secure a outside vendor. Larger cities may need a more customized plan, and therefore have an internal department to handle snow removal and road clearing.

Why Not Both?

In emergency situations a local government may call in support from snow removal professionals to help assist in clearing the roads. There may a contract that allows another company to be on call when severe weather is likely to occur.

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  1. I think in general cities have there own snow removal company to remove the snow on the road. It’s just part of city maintenance. If they are in a bind because of a big storm they might hire extra help, but in general they just use there own city employees.

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