Congrats to Unique Tellis

A big shout out to Unique Tellis! In a world where so many people think it’s okay to do the bare minimum, we are ecstatic to hear that you are going above and beyond to help our clients! When they don’t have to worry about the coffee station or the storage room, they can focus on being more successful at what they do. And isn’t that why we do what we do?! Awesome job Unique! We are so happy to have you on our team! Our “WHY” is to help others be more successful at what they do!

We would like to say thanks to your boss for Unique.  We missed her while she was on vacation.   She always has a smile for everyone. The entire staff loves her and was happy to see her return.  She is a great team player, we never have to worry about the coffee station not being restocked or dirty and she keeps the storage room totally organized. 

Thank you,

Donna Thomas, Office Coordinator

Continental Structural Plastics