Congrats to TPG and Cobo Team

A fast and furious shout out to TPG and our rockstar team at Cobo! Everyone has been working really hard and doing whatever it takes to help Cobo make 2017 the most successful Auto Show yet! PBS’s own William Berry didn’t bat an eye when the Detroit News took his picture, he just kept right on dusting that Cadillac! Great job everyone! Your passion for helping others be more successful at what they do is the stuff of legends!

Pro Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right

Company Wide Shout Out! Congratulations to TPG – We are in the news!  Way to go everyone at TPG! This has truly been a complete TPG program. Our Professionals, Our Culture, Technology and Processes have made a major impact at the NAIAS. Let’s keep it going everyone!!!

~Doug Sherry