After receiving client shout out, Les Poole wanted to recognize the entire COLMAN CREW:

 I just received a very nice shout out from Finsilver and I’m very honored to be looked at so glowingly by probably our best customer.  I would like to share that shout out with the Warehouse.  Tom Morton is excellent at catching mistakes and squeezing last minute and even late orders on the truck.  There are times when a customer will ask me if they can get something the same day and it looks like I made it happen, but  It’s really Tom and the warehouse that made it happen and it makes me look great in that customers eyes. The guys at the warehouse are in the background and don’t get the credit they deserve.  I would like to shine a huge spotlight on Tom Morton, Greg Day and the rest of the guys at the warehouse along with the drivers for making us look good in customer service.  They are certainly Pros who deserve a ton of credit for making customer service and the entire sales team shine.

Congratulations TOM, GREG and the entire COLMAN CREW!!! You are all PROS!