Congrats to Rafael Merlos

A big, giant, huge shout out to Rafael Merlos! Great job Rafael! We are so happy to have you on the TPG Team! We’re so glad that Gabe took the time to communicate with the us the level of excellence you’ve been bringing to your job every day! Pro-Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. 


It is not often that good emails are circulated when workers do “good” work.  I have been trying to type this email for about two weeks now, which it is already long overdue.  I wanted to let you know that Rafael is a great team player and hard working individual I have meet in a while.  He always goes above and beyond what is expected.  Certainly, the way my garages and stairwells look has improved tremendously and I am very appreciative of that.  I wanted to be sure to let you know as well as these types of acknowledgements are not shared often enough in our industry.   Please extend our thanks to Rafael and his team. 

Thank you.

Gabe Gebru / CPFM

Senior Project Manager

Denison Parking Inc.