Congrats to PGS Auburn Hills

Wow! An awe-inspiring shout out to the PGS Auburn Hills team! They worked some very long hours and pulled some late nights to get a large task list completed and make TPG shine in a major way with JLL and General Motors at their Company Picnic this year!!

Professionals included in this Shout-out are:
Jeremy Kowal
Bill Jones
Matt Woycik
Tommy Nelson
James Sasse
Tory Odom
-Kevin Carter, Director of Operations PGS

Pro-Am 6: I follow up. I follow through. Every time. 

I want to take a minute to add my personal comments and appreciation for the team effort to make the campus look great for the GM Picnic. As you can see there are several positive comments below expressing the work of several individuals and groups. Please take a few minutes to share this with your extended teams that played a part in the success of the event, and site appearence as a whole.

I will also mention, this came on the heels of heavy construction work that forced a late start to irrigation system repairs & annual mulching project. The site would have looked quite unprepared without good coordination and scheduling to recover from a long dry period that left most landscaping withered and stressed.

A. Thompson, Sr. Facility Manager, General Motors

Great job team!

I know organizing and volunteering to help with the annual picnic is added work for all of you.  Each year the event gets better and better thanks to all you do.  Your efforts and dedication really paid off again this year and it is greatly appreciated!

Rodney Black (Director, Global Propulsion Systems Ops & Process)


Great feedback and appreciate the effort of the team.  I know we have a dedicated team focused on the tenants — this event is one way to demonstrate it in a grand way!


Steve Tomaszewski (Director, Global Facilities)


The teams were truly amazing!  Thank you to all for a phenomenal picnic this year.

Polly Bashore (Engineering Operations & Processes)


To our GM & JLL facilities partners,

A million thank yous!!!!

Again I am awed by the great support, collaboration, and partnership we have with our Pontiac facilities team.  We could not pull off this yearly picnic and car show as well as many other campus events without your team!

There are so many ways your team go above and beyond doing the minimum on a daily basis to have our campus function well but it always shines through at large events like the picnic!

Finally the status of the grounds – here are some of the comments from two Pontiac community guests that attended for the 1st time: ‘The GM campus is beautiful — and looked so dynamic with all of the people outside’; ‘It was a super event!  The GM grounds there looked like its own city & all seemed to be having a great time.’

Best Regards,
Rosana Hull 
Pontiac Campus Management Lead, GPS-PEC Events Coordinator Lead