Congrats to Petrona Zavalia

A crazy huge shout out to Petrona Zavalia! The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail! This is how we help our clients be more successful at what they do – by turning a messy office into a client ready space literally overnight! Awesome job Petrona! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 14: I am aware of things around me that others may not notice. 

I wanted to thank the cleaning crew on the wonderful job done detailing the Booz Allen Hamilton suite on Monday, June 5th.  We had a large Australian Military team in for the day with breakfast and moving the tables to facilitate the meeting.  Your crew cleaned up everything and put all the furniture back in place.  When I arrived Tuesday morning I was again pleasantly surprised the office was client ready.  Please thank the cleaning crew for a job very well done.  We do appreciate their efforts in keeping our entire office five star ready.

Katharine Kendrick | Facilities Coordinator 

CBRE | Global Workplace Solutions