Congrats to Pearl Garner


Shouting it out to Pearl Garner today! Showing us all that there is most definitely more to the job, or any situation, then just getting the job done efficiently. The great attitude about everything contributes to a great performance, just as much as a good attitude does! Thank you for your positivity Pearl

Pro-Am 10: I believe in having fun at what I do!

Mr. Waldecker,

My name is James Stapleton and I am the Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer at Dickinson Wright PLLC in the One Detroit building.  In my position, I am responsible for customer service and customer satisfaction, so I take it very seriously as do all of my employee on this wing of the 37th floor.

I am writing to you and Ms. Carla Wilson to inform the both of you of Ms. Garner’s excellent work on our floor.  I have been around custodial, janitorial and other service employees for over three decades now, and I have to tell you that that Ms. Garner is an extraordinary employee.  She is diligent, hard-working, detail-oriented and most important, she always has a great attitude and a can-do spirit.  She is inspired and cheerful, which is a tribute to you and Ms. Wilson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting this evening. 

Anyway, whatever you’re paying her, it isn’t enough.  I wish I had 10 people with that positive attitude and attention to detail.  


Jim Stapleton