Congrats to Monika Wade

A Fantastic Shout Out to Monika Wade! We are passionate about our lives, families and work, inspiring others with our sense of urgency, our determination and our focused energy! Sounds like this describes you to a tee, thanks for being such an outstanding example and leader! Way to go PRO!

TPG Value: We are passionate!

Monika always brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic, in whatever she does. That’s why she’s probably one of the more well known leads/sups, on the event shift.


Matt M., LCA Event Manager, TPG




Hi Jeremy,

It is my understanding you have a “nominate a PRO” program of some kind?

I would like to nominate Monika Wade. She has often gone above and beyond and sees tasks through. I have seen this multiple times, and I would like her to be recognized for it. There was an incident with a restroom on club level with a note on it saying “this needs to be cleaned”. She stopped what she was doing as soon as she saw and immediately addressed it personally.

Please congratulate her on a job well done! I will also be filling out A Guest Connect card within our program as well.

Thank You!

Caitlin N., Project Coordinator | Olympia Entertainment | Detroit Red Wings

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