Congrats to Mike Welser

A fantastically huge shout out to Mike Welser! Great feedback from two customers demonstrating that timely follow up and follow-through helps keep our customers satisfied and secure in the knowledge that TPG will be there from start to finish! Stupendous job Mike! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 6: I follow up. I follow through. Every time. 


Thank you for everything you did with Camp past 6 months to get them fully set up and support them on your numerous trips to visit them. 

The team is very pleased as you can see by the note below.

D. McDonald, Yardi


I meant to email you so thanks for reaching out, things are working out really well.  The install went great, the dispensers work well, the inventory reduction and usage so far is very very positive.  I am looking forward to outfitting the rest of camp with these in the fall.

This was a game changer for our staff, and the camp (although it will probably go unnoticed :))  A massive improvement for such an innocuous product. 

Thanks for all the effort and for so much time spent coordinating this on both ends.

Scott BahrFacility Manager, Camp Tamarack