Congrats to Mike Curtis, Dave Konechkey, and Margo Burke

A fantasmagorical shout out to Mike, Dave, and Margo for assisting Jamie with her flat tire! Do you remember the contract you signed when you were hired on to TPG? You know, the one where you promised to help old ladies across the street and brush your teeth? What I love about that contract is that you are essentially promising to be a decent person – and I love this story because it shows what genuinely fantastic professionals we have here at TPG! It was really cool of you to help Jamie change her flat tire and I’m so proud to work with the kind of people who would help a stranger out of the kindness of their heart(s)!

Pro Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

I want to thank the two men and a woman who helped me with my flat tire on Friday at 4 pm. The men changed my tire and also had me go back and added air to my spare tire. I am a very small person 5′ 115 lbs so changing a tire is rough.

So I wanted to let you know what good your guys did and how much I appreciated their help.

Jamie F.