Congrats to Mia Parks and the Team at The Avenue at Tower City

A spectacularly huge shout out to Mia Parks and the team at The Avenue at Tower City! What a fantastic compliment from a client! It’s clear that Mia and her team are constantly looking for better ways to be more productive and efficient and it certainly shows! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 4: I am never satisfied with the status quo.

Hello Bryan,

As you may know, we recently hosted the Cleveland International Film Festival at Tower City.  This event drew 106,000 people to the mall and it was a great success.  We received compliments from the Executive Director of the Festival for Bedrock’s assistance in the operation of the event.  One of the compliments we received was for the cleanliness of the mall.  It was specifically pointed out to us that the mall looks much cleaner than it has in past years.  KUDOS to Mia and the PBS staff for that compliment.  We appreciate your efforts to continually improve operations and cleanliness of the Avenue.

A. Fernandez, Assistant Property Manager