Congrats to Les Poole

After a check in with Donna and Nicole at Friedman, Doug Sherry received this note:

I just wanted to mention something to you.  I’m sure what I have to say will be no surprise, but I still wanted to make it known.

 For me, things with Colman have been great.  I haven’t had any issues and if I ever do, Les is right there to help!   The customer service that I receive from Les is outstanding and far exceeds my expectations.  He doesn’t seem to miss a beat with any questions or concerns I have.  His response time is quick, whether by phone or email, and he never makes me feel as if I am bothering him.  I know that it takes a team to run the business, but having Les on your front line makes everything seem effortless from a customer standpoint.   Since I work in customer service as well, I know how hectic it can be.  I know he is slammed, I know he is pulled in a million directions, but he is always 100% on point and representing Colman in the best way.  He truly is an asset to your team and I hope he is recognized and knows that he is appreciated. 

Thank you for checking in & enjoy the upcoming holiday season!