Congrats to Les Poole

A humongous, stupendous, tremendous shout out to Les Poole! We are so glad to have a professional like you representing us! You have literally been back to work for 4 days and already our customers are seeing a big difference in the level of service they receive! Thank you for taking such brilliant care of our customers!!

Pro-Am 12: I don’t forget to water the green patch.

Pat/Doug – Quick note to you guys about Les Poole! – Since he has returned to the office & back to helping our account with Colman-Wolf…………I must say he is doing a great job – His replies back on emails are outstanding & his urgency to help is Class A to us! – Yardi Marketplace is truly happy to have him back on board! Please pass along my note to his direct report.

Tony Thi, Category Specialist