Congrats to La’Kisha Jones

A Super Star Shout Out to La’Kisha Jones! The passion for your work most definitely shines through. Thank you for doing a FANTASTIC job! Way to go PRO!


Dear Leon,

You have a young lady that works in the DMC Harper North Deck Garage,. Her name is La’Kisha. While I understand that it is very hard to keep an area clean with all the traffic in and out, SHE DOES A PHENOMENAL JOB!!! Windows and doors are always clean Elevators are clean, buttons sanitized. She is always smiling, always working, and always says good morning to every person that walks through. Makes a great start to a beautiful day. I know that this seems like a strange thing to comment about, but working in a hospital setting, where you don’t know what kind of slimy disease just touched that door or elevator button… It’s just plain gross! Because she is so great at her job,  it makes me (and I am sure many others) not afraid to touch the door. Please let her know that she is appreciated, valued and she deserves a raise!

Jennifer H., Practice Manager, DMC Neurosurgery Clinic