Congrats to Keith Jaskol and James Gleaton

A big, giant shout out to Keith Jaskol and James Gleaton! It’s so important for our customers to be able to trust that we are going to do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it. Fantastic job James and Keith! Thank you for for following up and following through! Pro-Am 6: I follow up. I follow through. Every time. 

Dear Keith & James.

Thank you so much for your help to make our 7600 building looking even spiffier than usual.  It looked absolutely fantastic for our guest tour this afternoon.  I appreciate all the extra effort you took.  It is so wonderful to work with each of you. Thank you for sharing our pride in the site.  It shines through in the work you do.


Kathy Augustine

Senior Property Manager