Congrats to Jodi Peterson

Andrew and Pat,

Thank you for checking into our little “pumpkin spice-gate” and for finding out what happened. I wanted you to know that I received a wonderful note from Jodi explaining everything and apologizing for the mix-up. She represents your company very well. I also wanted to clarify that when I was typing the original inquiry, it never occurred to me that one of your team members would have taken the lotion or tissue. I honestly only thought of the women at the law firm taking or borrowing them for some reason. However, when I read Jodi’s note, she was so professional and so apologetic that I wanted to mention that to you, and I hope you tell her, that she is appreciated and trusted and we look forward to coming into wonderfully clean offices each morning because of her.

Thank you again,

Krista Capp, CPM®, HCCP
Vice President of Property Management
Bedrock Real Estate Services