Congrats to Jay Grimes and the PGS Team

A BIG shout out to Jay Grimes and the PGS Team for living Pro-Am 7: I am obsessive about communicating effectively with my clients and with my fellow professionals. Awesome job Jay and Team!!!

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Jay Grimes and the PGS team that services the GM Powertrain Global Headquarters.  Even though this winter has been fairly mild compared to past years, there have still been numerous challenges by way of the rapidly swinging temperatures and frequent icy conditions.  Jay has led the team well and has exceeded my expectations in the way he communicates with the JLL site team and our client, GM.  His regular communication allows our team and client to know the condition of the site and the planned activities on a 24/7 basis.

Steve Romburger, Senior Facility Manager

Jones Lang LaSalle