Congrats to James Moner

A ginormous, insanely huge shout out to James Moner! James!!!!! This is the second shout out this week that I have received for you!! You exemplify our culture and what our pro-am’s look like in real life! And our clients notice and they think you’re amazing and we notice and we think you’re amazing too! Fantastic job James! Pro Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

I am one of the staff members in the pharmacy area at CSB. I was trying to put in a cheers for peers for our day porter James Moner but I am unable to find him in our system.  I just thought I would reach out to you and let you know that James has been wonderful at staying abreast of any and all of our needs.  He stops by on a regular basis to ask if we have everything we need, and will also inquire whether the items lying around outside our cubicles are trash or not.  Nothing that we ask of him is too much, he is very open and friendly and has even come to the department with his coworker to introduce her to us. He deserves some Applause.

Thank you.

Cindy, Kim, and Dawn

Cynthia Jolley-Jackson CPhT 

St John Providence