Congrats to James Moner and Alvin Hall

A spectacularly huge shout out to James Moner and Alvin Hall (aka Ike)! We are obsessed with the passion and commitment you have for doing whatever it takes to get the job done right! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Good Morning Karen,

I didn’t know how to send both James and Ike a cheer, so I thought it would be easier to send it to you. James and Ike are most helpful and always willing to do anything we request weather it is within their job scope or not. Especially here in administration, they have assisted in moving furniture around for our Executive’s, bring up and help hanging oversize whiteboard for my leader. Both have been extremely pleasant to work with and they are always professional and willing. It is always clean and fresh up here on the second floor in administration and I am truly grateful for that with the amount of meetings and people coming in and out of our offices. For that I just want to give you a personal thank you for having them here to help us. Often times we yell and scream about when someone is not doing things right but neglect to speak up with they are.

S. Brown, Ascension