Congrats to James Moner

Another shout out to James Moner! Wow James your commitment to doing whatever it takes is amazing! Our clients know that when they need your help, they can depend on you! It’s all about the attitude James, and yours speaks volumes about the pride you take in your work, and the care you show our customers. Keep kicking butt and taking names James!

Pro-Am 8: I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. 

Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that your team is awesome!!!  One of your custodians, James, was enormously helpful today – as he’s always pleasant and approachable.  This morning, my new, expensive, bottle of makeup dropped and shattered on the ladies room floor in the corporate office.  Within a short time, James was on his job.  He cleaned, and scrubbed and brought the bathroom in working condition so fast it made my head spin!  To top it off, I was hoping to get a refund from the cosmetic department I purchased the makeup from and thankfully they were willing to do that, as long as I had a small sample of the broken product.  James humbly regained a few broken pieces for me so I was given a brand new bottle with zero expense to me ….. he saved me a lot money — not to mention embarrassment! I really appreciate the excellent customer service your staff exhibits… you should be proud!

Olivia MackRecruiter
Ascension St. John Providence