Congrats to Jacky Jelly

A Terrific Shout Out to Jacky Jelly! Thank you for being such a great representation of what a true TPG PRO is! Way to go PRO!


Hello Mr Evola…My name is Carla Capizzi…i work with Jackie Kelly your employee, at the Henry Ford Fraser health facility. Just want to let you know what a fantastic employee you have. Not only is she very meticulous..but has a genuine repour with our patients…she will stop whatever she’s doing to help in any way…to give comfort and or a word of encouragement to our patients….she is really an amazing worker…and a very compassionate lady. I have been an employee here for 21 years..i am fully aware of noticing an excellent employee..and she deserves some type of recognition…it seems now days the negative is always noticed rather than positive…shes an asset to your company…just thought I’d let you know. Thank you.
Thank you,
Nick E., DM, TPG