Congrats to Jackie Kelly

A Phenomenal Shout Out to Jackie Kelly! As a Pro, you see things that others don’t. You did a fantastic job of being aware of what was going on around you and played a key role in a situation that could’ve had a very different outcome if you were not paying attention and following your instincts. Thank you for being a great example of what it means to be a TPG Professional. Way to go PRO!



I wanted to share this recognition with you regarding Jackie at the Fraser Health Center. Our leadership team has sent her a card to express our continued appreciation of her hard work and dedication. I receive so many compliments regarding Jackie and wanted you to know.

Thank you so much,

Danelle W., Director of Ambulatory Services, HFMH Urgent Care Centers and Wound Care Centers

Hi Danelle,

Our cleaning lady, Jackie, noticed a 3-year-old boy in the lobby walking around.  She waved to him and went about her business, yet she kept an eye on him.  When she looked up he was gone, so she looked outside.  He was across the parking lot by BWW playing in the snow.  There were no adults around so she went out there was able to get him to hold her hand and come back into the building.  Once inside, FP staff was looking for him and he was reunited with his mother.

 Jackie consistently goes above and beyond and this is one example.  She could have easily gone into the back clinic area forgetting about the boy, but she said she “had a sense” that made her keep an eye on him. Is there any way we can acknowledge her?

Linda B., Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Fraser Health Center

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