Congrats to The Entire Team At Tippecanoe Mall

Tippecanoe Mall Manager Barbara Schick had glowing praise for the entire team:

“I wanted to pass on the below to you ALL. It is truly a TEAM effort and a true testament as to what GREAT things can happen when everyone works together as one cohesive unit. Not only did our Region rank 1st in the company, but Tippecanoe Mall was the only mall in the Indy area to receive a perfect score in November. A special shout out to James in Housekeeping as your interaction with a customer asking for directions scored the mall a “5” on that particular item.
FANTASTIC job everyone…….keep up the great teamwork. I will print off the criteria that was used for the mystery shop so all departments can review as to the very specific areas, items and interpersonal interaction that is surveyed during a mystery shop. Thank you everyone for working hard, overcoming obstacles, keeping a positive attitude, coming together and taking personal accountability every day. Your dedication and commitment to excellence makes a difference !!!!!!!!!!!!!. ”

Great job Tippecanoe Mall Team! YOU’RE A PRO!