Congrats to Emily Wheeler

Great job Emily!! A fantastically huge shout out to Emily Wheeler! It really is the 9,000 little things that make the difference! Emily is a pro, she is aware of things around her that others may not notice – that’s how she found the ring. AND she does the right thing, even when no one is watching – and that’s why she returned the ring. AND she returned the ring to the communication binder so it could be returned to the rightful owner – that’s where they located it when the owner inquired. Awesome job Emily!! We love your fopllow through and your “I am a pro” attitude!

Pro-Am 7: I am obsessive about communicating effectively with my clients and with my fellow professionals. 

Emily is doing a phenomenal job, last night she came across a wedding ring that had gotten misplaced and left it in the communication binder and we were able to get it back to the right person, they were very grateful she was on the lookout before she vacuumed. She has been great with communicating back and forth with us about different things going on at the office. She is very much appreciated for the work she does for us at night.

– Heidi Mapley, Office Services

Client Experience Concierge