Congrats to Eddie Jenkins

A magnificently huge shout out to Eddie Jenkins! There are people in the workforce who do not like being interrupted in the middle of a task.  They either respond rudely or blow off the interruption with a dismissive “I don’t know, not my job.” But our man Eddie is a PROFESSIONAL! He was polite, attentive, and helpful when a traveler needed assistance!  He could have made an excuse to get out of helping her, but instead he showed her what TPG culture is all about by bringing solutions! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 2: I bring solutions, not excuses. 

Hey Guys, 

I just received a phone call from Heidi Bernholtz who was traveling at DTW via the North Terminal.  She wanted us to know how much she appreciated a gentleman named Edward (she said he goes by Eddie).  She told me that Eddie was working on the trash and she was looking for someone to help her attain some  information.  Eddie stopped what he was doing and let her know that the person that takes care of information was at lunch but he could help her.  He stopped doing the trash to assist her with the information she needed and helped her on her way.  She wanted us to know how much she appreciated his assistance.

Sharon Stephens, Estimator