Congrats to Dustin Ross, Adam Kozoil, Andrzej Zagorski & Jozef Kuras

A Splendid Shout Out to Dustin Ross, Adam Kozoil, Andrzej Zagorski, and Jozef Kuras! You went in and handled this job like real TPG PROs! It would have been easy to go in and just do an OK job, the tiles were old and quite dirty, but no excuses here, you went in and made them SHINE! Great Job! Way to go PRO!


Hi Kathy,

I’m glad to hear that you are satisfied with the cleaning. I checked early this morning and thought they did a great job too. I will pass your message along to the cleaning company.

Ali R., Administrative Support Coordinator, Chesterfield Health Center


Hi Ali and Dave and Danelle,

The tile has never looked better around the pool area, changing room and bathroom.  The shower stall looks much better and the seat bench too.  Thank you so much for scheduling this cleaning.  It was well worth it.


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