Congrats to Doug Sherry, Nick Cannon, and Rick Dosson

Wow! A tremendous, outrageously huge shout out to Doug Sherry, Nick Cannon, and Rick Dosson! You guys are killing it! How awesome is that to know that our customers are so impressed by the fantastic customer service you provide, that they can’t help but write a book signing your praises! (see “book” below) Not gonna lie, it totally makes me want to put on my I love Doug, Nick, and Rick t-shirt. Think I’ll make one for Bernie too…

Pro-Am 2: I bring solutions, not excuses.

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to make note of the excellent service provided to me as the Building Engineer at my client’s office building. I once worked with Doug Sherry as a supplier to a different janitorial company that worked for me. Even then he excelled in providing excellent service and came in with the owner of the janitorial company and changed over 38 toilet paper dispensers at night to a new product which I still use to this day. He also provided extra dispensers for stock in case of future issues – nothing lasts forever right. Doug did not work for Coleman Wolf at this time.

During a janitorial company change I was afforded the opportunity to directly purchase my janitorial supplies from Coleman Wolf. Not only was I surprised to find out that my representative was Doug Sherry – it immediately set my mind at ease in switching suppliers knowing that I would be interacting with him directly and there would be no teething problems. A normal concern when switching any type of supplier. The experience has been most rewarding and Doug made great effort to accommodate some of my less than normal requests.

If I have any type of issue or concern I either call or email him and it’s taken care of, right the first time! My delivery drivers Rick and Nick are also top notch. I was off ill on a delivery day. Nick always calls me when on his way to make sure I am ready for him by bringing a large wooden cart up to put my order on before we head down to the basement to unload. As it happened I was home sick. Nick called me lie normal not only unloaded and delivered my order he put it away in my basement storage room. No that’s what I call service – my old supplier dropped a pallet in my rear elevator vestibule and the driver took off.

No comparison to the level of service from the guys at Coleman Wolf…It’s nice working with a vendor that makes me look good by doing their job with commitment and a smile.

I don’t normally make supporting comments when someone does their job – but obviously the caliber of service here needs to be recognized.

With my gratitude and thanks,

Bernie Poegel, Building Engineer

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Management Services