Congrats to Dorian Pace

A great big giant shout out to Dorian Pace! As a TPG Professional, you treat clients and your fellow professionals in the same way you want to be treated! Thank you Dorian for treating our clients with dignity and respect! Pro-Am 10: I treat clients and my fellow professionals with dignity and respect. 

Hi there Andrew. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Dorian Pace.

I had to run back into Chrysler House from the garage on the 2nd floor this evening, when I encountered Dorian.  He was working the glass over in fine manner at the time. He was about 10ft from me, but saw me coming for the door, and ran to open it for me, with a nice smile on his face. He went right back to what he was doing. It was very refreshing.

When I came back out, he was gone. I went about looking for him to ask his name, and to say thank you. When I found him, he was very gracious, and said it was his pleasure.

Just thought you should know …

Darlene Strickland