Congrats to Don Faustyn

A monumentally huge shout out to Don Faustyn! Without proper follow up and follow through, it’s amazing how quickly a simple task can turn into a minor crisis. But Don is a Pro! And he doesn’t let a little thing like “weekends” stop him from following up! Thanks for taking the time to make sure that things were working properly at the job site. Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 6: I follow up. I follow through. Every time. 


Need to give a shout out to Don Faustyn for doing whatever it takes.

We recently completed a landscape remodel project at a Burger King restaurant during a summer, hot dry spell.  Don got up early on a Saturday morning the day after we had finished the job, drove to the site just to check to see that the irrigation had properly run and that our new plants and sod were well watered.
Jeff Stickney, PGS Account Manager