Congrats to Denise Vrauwdeunt

A spectacularly huge shout out to Denise Vrauwdeunt! The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail! And Denise is showing that in spades! Fantastic job Denise! We are so excited to have a rock star professional like you on our team! Way to go PRO!

Pro-Am 14: I am aware of things around me that others may not notice. 

Denise is doing a phenomenal job! Not only is she doing wonderful with keeping the office clean and smelling fresh, her company is a joy to have around. She’s always ready for a laugh, a joke, or a conversation. Definitely going above and beyond!

Abbey, West Coast Team (Indy Star)

I would just like to acknowledge the amazing work Denise has been doing up on the third floor of the DESC. There is definitely a change from the past few months. Garbage is dumped on time, food is thrown away, bathrooms are cleaner. Appreciate the hard work.

A. Norman, DESC (Indy Star)